A Fantastic Mess of Everything

Millie Alvarez is not a normal person. First off, she dreams of being a best-selling science fiction author, a pastime better suited for a retired scientist than a 22-year-old girl. Secondly, she might be the only person in the world under 50 to get type cast as the old lady in her college’s musicals. And she’s not much of a people person. The only people she really likes are her two best friends, Mike and Fran.


But when Fran moves out of their dorm room to live with her sister, Millie’s estranged dad starts calling to make amends, and she becomes attracted to Rod, a handsome, young English professor, Millie must accept that it might be time to leave the anxiety-ridden bubble she’s built for herself. With a little help from Sam, a charming theater mate, she just might be able to do it.