All the Stars on Fire

a novel by Beck Medina

Seventeen-year-old Natalia Morales dreams of being a hero. Along with her twin brother Max, Natalia is recruited as a member of Project 451, a top-secret government project that gives its trainees superhuman strength and the ability to alter the emotions of others. But Natalia thinks the project will do more harm than good for society, and before the start of her final year of training, plots to run away to join the Action Team, a newly formed group of young heroes who are protecting her home of Angel City.


Fifteen-year-old Alyse Morales is Natalia's starry-eyed sister and best friend, who spends most of her time obsessing over the Action Team and reality television, and is the only person Natalia trusts to share her plan with.


But Natalia and Alyse's relationship severs when the unexpected death of their family puts them on different paths. Alyse is getting into trouble everywhere she goes and is acquainting herself with the irresistible neighborhood bad boy, while Natalia is falling in love with two different men: a member of the Action Team and a mysterious boy who may be linked to Project 451. All the while, Natalia is struggling to keep a hidden memory from Alyse that may separate the sisters forever.


Each sister only has half the story, but if they can manage to make their way back to one another, they just might be able to save Angel City. ALL THE STARS ON FIRE is a story of sisterhood, first love, and what it means to be a hero.

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