Or Best Offer: A Short Story

Cara Campos is a high school junior and a relentless boy chaser. For three years, she's pined for Noah Levinsky, who doesn't seem to notice her regardless of how many times she's schemed to catch his interest. Cara's scheming finally gets the best of her when she charges $500 to her stepdad's credit card for non-refundable front row tickets to see Noah's favorite band, The Spiral Dragons, and Noah can't go. Cara turns to Craigslist to get the money back, only to reconnect with Liam, a charming boy from her past. 

But when Liam challenges Cara to confront her need to win over Noah's affection, is Cara ready to face the devastating truth behind it? OR BEST OFFER is a romantic comedy about self-love, acceptance, and letting everything fall into place.