Cover & Title Reveal of My Upcoming Young Adult Horror Story!

Hey friends!

SO I realized that I announced a cover & title reveal for my upcoming young adult horror story, but have been so caught up in updating the books section of my website I haven't linked the new cover to you!

The book was originally going to be a short story, but I think is long enough to be considered a novella/very short novel. I initially wrote it for a friend/fellow author's upcoming horror anthology book (you can support Peter's current crowdfund for the anniversary hardcover edition of his book The Happenstances by clicking this link!), however, the story was just WAY too long! I felt like I would be doing the story an injustice by cutting it down, and didn't want to give Peter a headache by deciding what should be cut out and having to read 15,000 words of my writing.

Ultimately, I decided to write a new short story for Peter, but still release this one over the Halloween season since I won't be releasing book two of the Stars on Fire series for another year or two.

Here it is! The title and cover reveal of my first YA horror story! Hope you like it!