Having Fun & Living in the Present with Jamie Greenfield

Updated: Apr 13

I'm so excited to FINALLY get to share these videos with you! Jamie and I went live on my Instagram back in November of last year to talk all things self-love. I invited Jamie to discuss this topic in particular because I noticed a lot of her content was surrounding self-love and I was working on it myself at the time as well, and I thought it would be fun to merge our ideas together to share with our audiences.

Unfortunately I have run into SO many roadblocks with converting this hour long livestream into an audio file (or even sequence of audio files) so this has been a LONG time coming! I always preach that roadblocks are just a detour in the right direction, so I decided to find a new way of bringing this live that I believe is packed with so much value and great information to help anyone who is currently working on their journey to loving themselves, or feel that they are presently lacking love in their life and could use a bit more guidance on how to create it within themselves.

I also want to make it clear that we recorded this in November of 2019 and the views expressed in this episode between both Jamie and myself might be totally different! I'm sure Jamie has gone through a ton of personal and mental changes since the recording of this livestream, as I know I certainly have.

Btw - you can follow Jamie on Instagram by clicking this link!

So here is our livestream all on self-love! I hope you enjoy!