how to be the very best at what you do

I recently read an article on how to be the very best in your field. Admittedly, I was searching for the “secret” formula to becoming an unforgettable fiction author. I wanted the key to leaving my mark as a storyteller. Ugh! I HATE admitting this! But after getting some feedback directly related to my writing career, I felt a sudden need to become "so good they can't ignore me."

The funny thing is, the entire article contained no hacks. No special morning or evening routine. 

Nope. To be the best at what you do...

You have to continuously work on yourself. 


The feeling that you aren’t good enough. The constant shame and guilt. Your victim mentality. That scarcity mindset. The fear that you won’t amount to anything...

You know, all that useless stuff that we seem to love holding onto for some dumb reason. 

It got me questioning if it really mattered that I was the best. 

“Do I REALLY need this to feel satisfied with my life?” I wondered. 

Because quite frankly, it was starting to make me feel like I wasn’t good enough, and I might not ever be. 

After all, accomplishments (as wonderful as they are, and as much as they do deserve to be celebrated) are so temporary. They’re never a guarantee. And they don’t hold any promise that you’ll have a lifetime of happiness once you achieved them. 

So here’s a list of internal qualities that I think are a lot cooler than any external accomplishment you could ever achieve: 


The way you speak to yourself, and the thoughts you choose to hold (and the ones you decide no longer serve you). 

How powerfully (and confidently) you show up in the world in spite of the fears that may come up and the obstacles that are thrown your way. 

The amount of love you are able to give AND receive. 


Your willingness to forgive. 

Your standards and what you choose to never settle for. 

Being a vibrational match for exactly what you desire.  

Your ambition and drive to create the life you deserve. 

I promise you it is never the exterior that needs the improvements. There’s something so special about living so much in your truth that you change those around you without even trying. Showing up as your highest self is just that freaking powerful.


Do you have any internal wins that you're proud of? Let me know in the comments :)