How to Manifest Quickly

Happy Sunday, friends :)

I am extremely cautious about oversharing what I am manifesting with people. Personally, I think that telling others invites their energy into your manifestation. Their opinions, their beliefs, and their way of being ends up getting added to the equation, thus weakening your ability to manifest. If that person has limiting beliefs and warns you to “be careful,” or to “be realistic” and not “too risky,” etc., your worries and doubts may kick in.

However, I am a manifestation teacher so I do have to be proof that the laws work. I want to devote today’s post all on WHY I am suddenly manifesting like crazy (without going too into detail about what I’m manifesting).

I’ve been deliberately practicing the law of attraction for a few years now, but (like so many people have said before) have always known that there was some unexplainable magic going down behind-the-scenes in our Universe. I just didn’t get that I was the creator of my reality. I always thought that everything we experienced was pre-planned; owed to fate. In many ways, things are pre-planned, but rather than something outside of ourselves solidifying these plans before our birth, we pre-plan what we experience in our physical reality in our minds first.

So when I finally started taking true responsibility for creating everything that has happened--and is currently going on--in my life, it was time to admit that while I have manifested some cool shit like gorgeous apartments, cars, and career opportunities...I more often that not manifested debt, toxic relationships, fear and anxiety, and constant rejection. I would manifest this awesome stuff, but then I wouldn’t be able to afford them anymore and would have to give them up, either by choice or by force. My mind was the stomping grounds for manifesting a below average life. I’m not even going to pretend like this wasn’t the truth.

Eventually I was done playing small and facing the constant rejection and abandonment. It was time for me to uplevel my life with intention, and I was willing to give up the girl I was in order to become the woman who gets what she wants.

When I committed, things changed. And fast. This is not to say that it was an easy process. Manifestation is all about changing your inner world to reflect the life you want to live. It’s releasing your limiting beliefs and deciding you are getting what you want regardless of how you feel. It’s telling yourself a story that isn’t true in the 3D world. You feel pretty delusional until it starts to unfold in the real world...and if you’re as committed as I was, it can happen in a matter of weeks.

My career, my finances, my relationships...have all upgraded. I’m a completely different woman than I was just a month ago. I know my worth. I know the amazing things I’m capable of. And I get what I want all the damn time like it’s my birthright (because it is).

I truly believe that the reason why most people do not have the job of their dreams, their ideal relationship, earn the amount of money they want to make, etc., is because they refuse to trade in who they currently are for who they want to be. And I understand this completely. Even if we hate our current circumstances with a burning passion, it’s still familiar to us. People will always favor what feels familiar, even if it’s terrible (probably because it hasn’t killed us yet).

Then there’s doing the work it takes to manifest but not seeing the results or feeling like you’re in a constant state of waiting around until your desire manifests. Scripting, affirmations, and acting as if is so much more than just writing out your desires. When you treat them like techniques, as if you are merely wishing for your desires to manifest into your reality, then you will remain in a perpetual state of wishing for your desires to manifest.

Practicing techniques like visualization, scripting, meditating, and all the stuff that law of attraction coaches tell you to do on a consistent basis is living in that wishful state. You’re manifesting the waiting period. You’ll always end up waiting for your manifestation if your thoughts are still limited and you still are riddled with worry and doubt.

In order to manifest, you have to change your entire self-concept. Your thoughts must change. Your beliefs must upgrade. The way you live your life day to day has to be that of the person who has everything you could ever want. You simply cannot hold onto who you were before. And when those old beliefs come up, you have to tell them to get the fuck out because you have important shit to do.

The wealthy version of you who is crushing it in her business is not worried about how she’s going to pay her bills on time or where the money is even going to come from, because she knows with all her heart that money always comes. And it comes in large sums on a consistent basis.

My manifestations come to me (terrifyingly/excitingly) quickly because I steer my thoughts in the direction of the reality I want to see unfold. I don’t entertain ideas that I would hate to see manifest.

I don’t accept being broke, so I don’t entertain the idea of it. I only invite wealth into my reality.

I don’t accept being taken advantage of and treated like second best. My loved ones treat me with respect, they value me, communicate efficiently and calmly, and I’m treated like a queen.

I don’t even entertain these ideas anymore, because I’m seriously over it. I’ve lived that life, and I’m never going back. Ever, ever, ever.

As I stated earlier, transforming your self-concept and starting first in your inner-world can be extremely difficult, especially when you’ve been believing in your limiting beliefs for decades. I’ve been working on changing my story for the past six months with meek results. I would kind of manifest what I wanted, but my doubts would always take them away from me. Things didn’t click until April (when I stopped entertaining the ideas I didn’t want to appear in my world) and when they finally did click, my manifestations accelerated.

This is manifestation mastery. To always be on top of your thoughts. To embody who you want to be. And to be completely and totally over your old stories.