Is Inspired Action the Same as Doing Nothing?

As a teacher and avid practitioner of deliberate manifestation, I feel that it is my responsibility to set the record straight when it comes to inspired action.

Inspired action is one of those terms in the law of attraction space that gets thrown around a LOT, and I swear I come across too many people who have no idea what it even means. LOA experts and coaches preach how “in order to receive your manifestation, you have to take inspired action,” and, “wait to feel inspired! You’ll know what actions to take when it hits you.”

Maybe in the rarest of cases your inspired action will slap you in the face and you will know what your next move will be, but most of the time, when you’re “waiting” on inspired action, you’re left feeling clueless, helpless, and incapable, among other lame feelings.

And judging by how often I hear people saying that they’ve “been waiting and waiting but the inspired action hasn’t hit” them’s becoming abundantly (no pun intended) clear that people are confusing “inspired action” as permission to do one of two things: either nothing at all, or acting out of sheer desperation. If you’ve committed one of these LOA crimes (just kidding), it’s okay. We’ve all fallen victim to the misleadings of inspired action.

But we must think of inspired action as the ninja of the manifestation world: when it happens, you have no idea that it’s happening. It’s that slick. You aren’t doing it out of certainty that your desire will manifest from’re just...sorta going about your day and doing what you know to be right with no strings attached. Inspired action is easy and effortless. It feels natural, far from calculated.

And let me tell you what inspired action isn’t:

Inspired action t isn’t coming from a place of neediness. It isn’t desperate. You aren’t throwing your inspired action at the wall hoping that the outcome you want will eventually, magically appear in front of you. There are zero anxious vibes behind your inspired action.

Recently, I’ve had several awesome career opportunities come my way. I’ve been deliberate about manifesting career success and wealth, but I’ve been open to how all of it would take place. I surrendered to details and just let myself bask in the endless possibilities, knowing that the Universe always comes through with dope shit. When has the Universe ever let me down?

By detaching from how my success would occur, I’ve been free to post content on Instagram that feels aligned with my values and have genuine conversations with my friends, all while simultaneously working on my next manuscript. I haven’t attempted to sell a single thing or address to anyone that I’m actively seeking new opportunities.

Without (seemingly) even trying, things took off. And FAST. People reached out to me and expressed interest in getting coaching without me having to market that I’m looking for clients. I’m co-judging a writing contest sponsored by a friend’s publishing company. I got an email for a storytelling contest that I just know in my bones is meant for me to win. I’m getting paid out of the blue. Many would say all of this came to me without ever lifting a finger.

Immediately, yes, this is true. But the reality is, this is the result of four years of one inspired move after another. I published two novels and worked very hard to learn the ins and outs of online marketing, which led me to make a name for myself and connect with fellow authors in my genre. And because I am dedicated to constantly improving my craft, I’ve proven that I’m amazing at what I do. I’ve got the readership and the reviews to prove it.

In being a hardworking writer (when, let’s be real: so many writers out there aren’t all that hardworking!), when I share my process on social media, I’m showing others what’s possible for them. I’m proof that they can accomplish hard things as long as they are consistent and persist in spite of how uncomfortable they may feel and how impossible the goal may seem. Of course people would want me to coach them.

All I really did recently was shift my energy and trust that even though I had no idea how my income would increase, how I would get my bills paid, and how I could take my writing career to full-time status, the Universe would take care of the fine details. I relaxed and detached. I kept working hard. And I trusted, really freaking hard. Not only did I put trust that things would unfold exactly how they needed to, I trusted myself to make the right moves every step of the way.

By showing up everyday and by abiding by my own structure and goals, my desire manifested. That is taking inspired action. Not once was I ever over-posting on Instagram, offering my coaching services and begging people to sell my books. I know that the right clients and readers will always be drawn to my work and will take their own inspired action when the time is right.

Even when it feels like you are doing nothing at all in the moment, you can still trace your manifestation back to some inspired action you took at some point in your life, even if it was years ago. I’d go as far as to say that the work is tough, but the manifestation is easy. Receiving a million dollars is the fun (and easy) part. The countless nights that went into going from idea to business is tough. Buying a lottery ticket and holding the energy that you’re the winner is tough, too. If these processes were easy, everyone would be a millionaire.

There’s no sitting around and hoping that your life dramatically changes when you are deliberately manifesting. You’re manifesting every second of the day, so why not make it intentional?

Be easy about it, keep your thoughts unwavering, and your manifestation will arrive. It has to. It’s the law.