it's all about that present moment fulfillment

One thing that I wish was spoken more openly about in the online space is that success takes time, and not only does success take time--but embodying who we truly are takes time.

We understand this concept in the traditional sense, but having been immersed in both the entertainment as well as the online coaching industry, the most apparent flaw in mentality across the board is how people are expecting their lives to dramatically change overnight simply because they've made the decision to pursue their dreams.

While I do believe that we have the ability to manifest what we want at a powerfully fast rate, I know from personal experience that following your dreams goes beyond the desire to achieve instant success. A big reason for this is because it isn't actually success that we're looking for. We aren't after the money, the attention, and the lavish lifestyle that comes with it, despite what we believe on a conscious level.

What we are truly after is purpose. We want our lives to have meaning. And there are many people out there who believe that being highly successful, and almost famous in the way, will give us that sense of purpose.

That simply isn't how the Universe, and especially our highest self, operates. I'm starting to accept that that inner bliss comes from being completely and utterly in love with the life you have right now. While I used to roll my eyes at having a gratitude practice (especially since I used to think that my future was waaaayyyy more interesting than my present), I'm finally both understanding and experiencing the benefits of loving every ounce of my life just as it is today.

The success we think we want so badly is a byproduct of present fulfillment, and once you immerse yourself in present moment fulfillment, you'll discover how little you really need that success.

The destination will come and go, and then we'll be yearning for a new and prettier destination. The joy is truly in the journey.

Of course it looks like everyone is doing better than you and gaining momentum faster than you when you haven’t gotten a full glimpse into all the time they spent nurturing their dreams, just like you. ⁣And not only nurturing their dreams, but healing their traumas and limiting beliefs until they've reached a point where they can willingly accept a higher level of success at a subconscious level. That shit takes time, too.

I moved to LA 10 years ago this upcoming December, and it took a whole ass decade for me to become the woman I thought I was going to be the moment I stepped foot in my little studio apartment in Hollywood all those years ago. ⁣

What I needed to become a working writer was to experience what the entertainment industry had to offer, which ultimately wasn't what I wanted. That led me to venturing off on my own to write my novel and discovering what I was put on this Earth to do. It was that time in between and the lessons in personal development that allowed me to channel everything I've learned into my blog and podcast. Bringing you, my reader, closer to love has become one of my biggest passions and mission in life.

And while I used to be so upset at what I considered slow progress, I’m seeing now that I needed that time. I needed the struggle, the lessons, the setbacks, the fuck ups and failures. I can seriously endure anything that comes my way as a result of all that pain. ⁣I'm a 100% a spiritual warrior. Things still get uncomfortable, but now I can breathe and persist.

My path was meant to be unique and totally my own, as is yours. You can look toward others for inspiration but ultimately it is about following your own intuition and taking the steps that feel aligned with your goals. If you are enjoying the ride then you’re doing everything right, even if there isn’t anything to show for it yet.⁣

Please take today to be super kind to yourself, your progress, and where you’re at. The moment will come when you can FEEL yourself advance to the next level and this moment will be worth it. I promise. I promise I promise I promise.