Manifesting a Best Selling Novel

Today I woke up to a huge increase in my book’s Amazon rankings.

I have been affirming in my journal for a little over a week now that my book is climbing up the bestseller charts. I also script that I’m a best selling author practically everyday, so naturally it’s a given that my book would be climbing the charts if this is my reality (proclaiming that I am a best selling author is a thing I’ve been doing for nearly two years now. Obviously, it still hasn’t happened just yet).

So today, I went on Amazon to check out my rankings (out of curiosity), I saw that All the Stars on Fire (affiliate link) was ranked #174,000 in the Kindle Top Paid Books List. The last time I had looked, my ranking was in the millions! It isn’t unusual for me to be ranked in the 3 or 4 millions on this list, especially during a particularly slow sales week. I’m pretty certain there are close to 5 million books on Amazon...and suddenly my book has wandered into the hundred thousands. I was shocked! My sales have been pretty consistent this year, but there is no noticeably huge spike in sales that would have caused this dramatic change in listings (although it is possible that my sales dashboard hasn't updated to reflect this).

This increase in the rankings is likely because I’m running a giveaway on Goodreads, and people are either borrowing or buying the digital e-book, but I wanted to show you that scripting works, and it works fast. There is simply no solid explanation as to why all of this happened, except that I claimed it and kept my thoughts in line with what I wanted to see manifest. And some way, somehow, it became mine.

You best believe now that I’ve had a taste of this level of success in a career that I’ve been working my ass off in for four years, I have no interest in dipping back into the millions. My goal is now to stay in the thousands until I’m in the hundreds, then in the tens, all the way until I’m at number one.

As you can see, I’m not taking any physical action just yet. I’m not going crazy buying ads to run on Amazon and Goodreads or running another giveaway. I think the biggest mistake that people commit when the law of attraction is involved is desperately clinging onto what they've created for themselves instead of just trusting their own power. All I plan to do is maintain my focus on the end goal: best selling author. The right actions will come naturally as a result of my focused mindset.

In my reality, my books are always ranked in the 100,000’s on Amazon. Heck, I’m ranked in the 10,000’s on an amazing day! My books are (still) climbing up the charts. Everyone is taking notice of my work. They’re appearing on all the right young adult fiction charts. The right people are discovering my work and are so excited to get their hands on my books and read them. My sales are (still) increasing everyday. I’m the best author in the game.

Ask, believe, keep your thoughts intentional & unwavering, and you WILL receive. That is how you play the game.