My Life During Quarantine!

Updated: Apr 13

Hey there!

On Day 23 of the quarantine life, ya girl is FINALLY back to work.

Of course, I have worked on my upcoming short story All the Good Girls Go to Hell here there, and I support my clients on a daily basis, but I’ve been spending my days doing seemingly unproductive things, such as: napping, meditating, moving my body, reading, singing and practicing guitar, learning Spanish, binging on some new shows as well as watching some of my old favorites, bonding with my loved ones, and most importantly connecting with myself spiritually and taking care of myself mentally and emotionally. It’s all been much needed.

At the beginning of 2020, I made a commitment to raise my vibration in order to create a better life for myself. Personal development is a lifelong journey, and I have made outstanding progress since I began that journey back in 2016, but it is possible to accelerate your progress with very deliberate focus. I don’t recommend this for everyone, but I was fortunate enough to have the time to devote to learning and practicing how to become a more positive, loving, and confident person with higher standards for my life. I wanted to quantum leap into a new version of myself. It’s a decision I’m extremely proud of and so glad I chose to do.

What this quarantine has challenged me to do is let go and release all attachment to what I think life should be. I’m being forced to be more present and at peace with where I’m currently at in life. I love myself more than ever. I feel more worthy than I used to think was possible for myself. I’m a whole person just as I am. And this is what attracting all that we desire is all about: to be at peace with the present moment. To know that we already have everything we need, and anything that we receive is just a delightful bonus.

It’s imperative that we take this time to contemplate the direction our life will be going once things go back to normal. I have already decided what is serving me and what I’ll be releasing from my life soon. It’s terrifying, but that’s the beauty of the unknown! It’s scary, but the unknown is where all the best stuff is.